Edna Chiang

Hi! I'm Edna Chiang

I'm a:
- Science communicator
- Bioinformatician
- Microbial ecologist

About Me

I'm a 4th year Microbiology PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

I love uncovering hidden stories in science and sharing them through outreach, writing, and visualizations.

I want a career in science communication to help scientists share their passion with the world, whether through public engagement, science policy, or data science.

When not sciencing, I like to cook, belly dance, and rock climb.




Science Communication

I share advice with other scientists, inform my local community about scientific issues, and educate scientists about relevant science policy topics
I use storytelling to engage both expert and lay audiences, make science approachable, and show scientists can be personable
I make science accessible by creating outreach activities for K-12 students


I study the gut microbes that live inside hibernating ground squirrels to understand how the squirrel and its microbes work together to survive hibernation.

As a bioinformatician and data scientist, I'm committed to transparency and inclusive visualizations




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